Special Services

Please ask us if you need any special services.

Santa 1Ocean Breeze RiB tours can accomodate many special water transports. We are willing to transport anything as long as it fits on our boat.

Here are some examples:
We had to transfer a 2 metre high throne that we had been told would be flat-packed. When it arrived at Lamlash Pier we found out that it was already built and not able to be dismantled. It was with great hilarity that we managed to manoeuvre it down the steps from the pier onto the boat where it just fitted onto the bow deck. But where there’s a will there’s a way and so we managed to set off down Lamlash Bay at about 25 knots!

We offer special tours for hen or stag parties which are always exciting and great fun.

And every year we are very proud to take Santa Claus from his landing spot to Lamlash Pier where he is always impatiently awaited by a big crowd of kids and their parents.