These are answers to questions we often have been asked by our clients. Of course we are more than happy to answer any other question you have.

Which outfit do you need for the boat tours?
We provide waterproofs & lifejackets; you should wear warm clothing (fleeces are good!) and footwear. Hats & gloves are sometimes adviseable. For the longer tours soft drinks & snacks are suggested. If you wish to bring cameras and binoculars please do; but we can not be responsible for their safety.

Are the boats safe?

RiBs are chosen by marine rescue organisations such as the RNLI for very good reasons: the vessels are capable of operating in sea and weather conditions far beyond those in which we would normally go to sea.  Our boats are capable of withstanding the forces generated in a force 8 gale.
The boats are assessed for safety annually and are rated for journeys of up to 20 NM from any safe haven (usually the shore!) in daylight & favourable conditions; in addition Bennan is permitted to operate upto 10 NM from a safe haven at night. Crew members are qualified First Aiders.
Passengers will be briefed about weather and safety before setting out on the tour.
We will take due regard to sea conditions before sailing; in the event that the weather deteriorates during a tour the skipper will decide if the journey is to be curtailed.

For more information about safety-related matters, please contact us directly.

Is there an age limit for passengers?
We normally suggest a lower age limit of 4 years; but in calm conditions and for family groups we can be flexible.
Please call us to discuss this.

Upper limit: if you’re game, so are we!